DARE Pro Peg White-Purple

Year: 2021
Material: V95T and Polyamide Plastic
Compatibility: 14mm and 10mm
Thickness: 41mm
Weight: 154g
Universal Pro Peg from Russian DARE Brand!
The perfect balance of weight and strength.
At the same time, it is extremely tenacious - one plastic sleeve can live for a very long time!
Tested since 2016 by many riders, the results are extremely positive!
Greasy, slippery, very slowly erased. What else is needed for happiness?

Completely CNC-machined from a single piece of aluminum and polymer alloy.
Length: 115mm
Width: 41mm
Weight: 157g
Core Material: V95T1
Sleeve material: polymer alloy
Under 14 axis/bolts with a 10mm adapter

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